Saturday, December 29, 2012

Shelly's Christmas Revenge

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An Unexpected Gift

Shelly and Gina were best friends back in school but things got out of hand and they went their separate ways with Shelly vowing to get even. 10 years later the group somehow reunites and Shelly gets the opportunity of a lifetime during a druunken Christmas party excursion.

Shelly and Gina were almost inseparable throughout high school and junior college sharing almost every secret. One day Gina (the Prude) admitted to Shelly that she had a thing for her own brother Jeff. As fate would have it Jeff was attracted to Shelly who was alot more provocative and fun. When Gina found out what Shelly was doing she started telling everyone Shellys dirty secrets.

Gina called one of her gossipy girlfriends and told her all about how Shelly let her faculty adviser fuck her in the ass in order to pass her classes. She told her only details Shelly would know, right down to the adviser leaving a creampie in her virgin asshole. She also told her friend about Shelly fucking a stranger at a sex club and some guy on a dance floor. When Jeff heard the rumors he confronted Shelly and broke up with her. Shelly stormed out swearing to get even with Gina someday.

All the partying tonight helped Shelly play them right into her hands as they get groggy from the hot cocoa she begins to put her plan into action. First she moves Jeff (who shes back to dating) into her bedroom and gives him special instructions to remove his condom and cum inside her during tonights lovemaking. Shelly dims the lights then goes in and gets Gina who is soo druunk she can't tell the difference between her date (Tom) and her own brother.

Shelly works her magic and gets Gina in bed with her own brother and watches her plan unfold. Gina and Jeff start going at it hot and heavy while she watches through the door. Soon Shelly needs a bit of cock and goes to suck on Ginas boyfriend Toms for a minute and returns in time to see Jeff start fucking his own sister. Shelly watches as the siblings fuck hard unaware that they are breaking a major taboo. When Jeff flips Gina over and pulls off the condom Shelly gets really hot.

Jeff pounds his sister from behind until he cums deep in her womb and they both collapse in a druunken heap. Shelly is so satisfied with her plan she returns to the living room and starts riding Toms cock. She imagines what Gina was feeling as she rides him hard. As Shelly nears orgasm she fantasizes about a hot fuck she once had in a bathroom but her orgasm is cut short when Tom goes limp. She jumps off to suck him hard again only to discover he blew his load inside her prematurely which pisses her off but doesn't ruin the revenge.

A few months later Ginas DNA test shows Tom isn't the father and he dumps her.Shelly wonders how long it will be before she discovers Jeff is actually the father and what really happened that night

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Saturday, December 15, 2012

Nychols Daddy Desires

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Make My Dreams Cum True

Dear Diary

I don't know whats come over me lately but since I moved back in with mom and dad I've been having these very strange dreams. All of them involve my dad getting me pregnant and it's getting me hot all the time. I formulated a plan to seduce him while mom is visiting grandma next week and just thinking about it is making me masturbate.
As my hands caress my breasts I imagine daddy playing with my tiny titties and tweaking my nipples which really gets my pussy wet. The thought of taking his cock in my mouth gets me even wetter so I slid my fingers inside my panties to play with my clit. Soon my panies are slung on the bed and I'm fingerfucking myself and moaning daddies name. I can't wait to get his cock in me.

Dear Diary

The day has finally arrived and when daddy starts watching tv tonight I'm going to seduce him. Daddy was a bit preoccupied with the tv at first but when I set my legs in his lap it got his attention. I felt his cock twitch a bit and it encouraged me. Teasingly I stripped off some of my clothes and despite his protests, by the time I was naked he was all mine.
His big cock throbbed in my mouth as I slowly savored every inch. I climbed on daddys lap and pressed his cock against my tight pussy. It slid in easily and a rode him til I came all over his cock. By then daddy was so turned on he laid me on my back and totally pounded my pussy. I was so hot by now I had to feel him cum so I got on my knees and he pounded me doggystyle til he was about to cum. At the last minute he remembered I wasn't on the pill so he pulled out and shot his load on my little asshole. MMMMM it felt so good.

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Saturday, November 24, 2012

Mom Saw Me Fucking Daddy

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So I Forced Her To Watch

Ever since your step-daughter JC Simpson moved back home due to the job market, things have gotten out of hand. Every time mom is gone she finds different places to have sex with you. One afternoon she corners you in the spare room right before your wife is supposed to be home. You try to protest but its hard to resist JC when she starts sucking your cock.
She starts riding your cock hard and moaning your name. Even though it's hard to resist her tight pussy you try to stop her by reminding her about mom again. No sooner are the words out of your mouth and she walks in. JC jumps off you and grabs mom in a coke hold then drags her to a chair. Almost like she had this planned, JC grabs duct tape and tapes her to the chair.
She climbs back on your cock and rides it hard while taunting and almost cuckolding her mom. Faster and faster JC rides your cock until you spew your seed deep in her womb. Mom protests and appears very disgusted but JC isn't done with either of you yet. She grabs your still hard cock and strokes it. She taunts mom that shes going to milk you dry and leave nothing for her. JC sucks and strokes your cock til you blow your second load for her. After she licks every drop off her fingers and your cock she taunts mom a bit more before the 2 of you leave her there for the night.

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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

My Daddy Secrets

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Pocahontas Dirty Diary

Dear Diary: I've been having some pretty wild fantasies about Daddy lately and I really want to act on them. I'm starting to think my Daddy is spying on me so it might be really easy. The other day I was in the shower and swore I was being watched so I put on a bit of a show with my glass dildo. The thought of Daddy watching me made me cum sooo hard. I'm going to make my move on him tonight since moms working late.
When Daddy came home I was sitting on the couch in my sexiest skirt and blouse with no undies on. He sat down and tried to get the remote from me but I made him try to get it. He grabbed my foot and tickled me like he used to and we wound up in a tickle fight. Somehow my big tits popped out and I stuck them in his face. Next thing I knew my fantasy was coming true as Daddy fucked me on the couch. We both were soo turned on I came several times then Daddy accidentally came in me. I hope I'm not pregnant.
Dear Diary: Its been a few days since I've written but moving into my apartment took a few days. After I got all settled in Daddy surprised me with a visit while I was washing dishes. I missed him so much I begged for his cock right away. After he let me suck it for a bit he hiked up my dress and fucked me right on the counter. His hard cock pounding me while I tweaked my own nipples made me cum quickly. After a few orgasms Daddy left me a special present deep in my womb too. I'm gonna end up pregnant for sure.
Dear Diary, I got great news, Daddy is coming for the whole weekend while mommie is out of town. I'm going to buy a special outfit for him, I hope he likes it.
Dear Diary, Daddy cam in while I was getting ready and I told him to get comfortable. When I cam out wearing the sheer nightie I bought Daddy was speechless. He loved it so much his cock got hard quickly. After I sucked it a bit I straddled Daddy and started riding him hard. Daddy reached out and spanked my ass and I was in heaven. I begged him to spank me more and we fucked each other until we fell asleep. The next morning I woke up craving Daddys cock so I sucked and jerked it til he came all over my tits.
Dear Diary: I've been in school 5 months now and even though I'm pregnant Daddy still comes to visit regularly. I think he likes my pregnant pussy more than moms cause he's talking about divorcing her. I hope he does and then all my fantasies will come true.


Wednesday, October 17, 2012

The Oedipus Complex

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A Mothers Love Is All He Craves

Allura has been going through a rough time since her husbands untimely demise. Ever since the accident she has been relying on her son for almost everything. About a month ago a mystery man started emailing her and he seemed to know all the right things to say. He finally gets her to agree to meeting at a Swingers Club Halloween party for a steamy encounter and his writing had her so turned on she agreed.
Allura arrives at the party and starts talking to some of her girlfriends and their dates. When she tells them why she is there they all seem a bit intrigued at the arrangement. When the mystery man finally arrives he silently takes her by the hand and leads her to a private room at the club.
He pulls Allura into the room and holds her hands above her head while fondling her breasts and inner thighs. Allura hasn't had sex since her husband passed and his touch sets her skin on fire. He caresses her entire body without saying a word, even when Allura drops to her knees and unzips his pants. She sucks his hard cock deep into her throat making herself gag and drool until he pulls her to her feet, spins her around and enters her from behind. His throbbing cock has her moaning in pleasure quickly but it doesn't stop there. He picks the hot MILF up and sets her in a sex swing and starts fucking her harder. Allura cums several times before he takes her to another room, still without saying a word.
He brings Allura to a group room full of dungeon equipment and has her get on all fours on one of the benches. He enters her from behind and fucks her to another massive orgasm while another couple watches. Once they are alone he Removes Alluras mask and has her get on her back. He fucks her hard for a minute before removing his own mask. Allura is shocked to see her sons face but soo turned on by the taboo they are breaking she continues begging him to fuck her harder. At one point he even ties her to the bench and tickles his mothers sides feet while he fucks her knowing how that turns her on. Allura thrusts against him harder and harder until he finally cums all over her sexy ass.
I wonder what will happen when Allura discovers her son caused her husbands accident?

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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Ballin The Family

1 hour and 20 minutes of TABOO FUCKING



A Twisted Taboo Tale

Carey Riley and her sister Tara have been extremely close over the years. After Carey and Tara both went through bad divorces Carey swore she would take care of her and her sister for life. Carey seduced an adult video producer and convinced him to marry her but the whole time her eye was on her step son. A few months after the wedding Carey has her sister over for a bit and they start talking about the plan and reminiscing about past sexual experiences they shared.
The conversation gets both girls hot and Carey challenges Tara to a game of pool, winner take all. Carey wins by default so has her sister strip and lay on the table. Carey licks and fingers Taras pussy until she cums loudly then has her return the favor. Several orgasms later they wind up in a hot 69 pleasing each other.
Later that day Careys husband returns home for lunch and as part of her plan she leaves to get her nails done. Tara immediately begins to seduce her husband on the couch. After a really hot blowjob he suggests they take it to the bedroom. Tara plays with him on the bed then begs for his cock. Laying her on her side he fucks her pussy hard awhile then gets her on her knees to pound her doggy style. He lays on his back for a bit letting Tara ride him til she cums again then flips her on her side before cumming deep inside her.
Meanwhile, in the pool house, Carey pays her stepson Vin a visit. The crafty cougar easily seduces her stepson and soon has his hard cock in her mouth. Once he is on the edge she straddles his face and makes him eat her pussy. Carey gets him so worked up he gets behind her and fucks her doggy style really hard. After a few orgasms Carey lays on her side so he can really give her every inch until she cums again. To complete her plan she straddles her Stepson and rides him til he cums deep in her womb. She yells at him that shes not on the pill and makes him believe it was a bad thing.
That night when her husband returns from work Carey and Tara are waiting for him. The conversation turns toward sex and next thing you know both hot milfs are sucking his cock. Things start to get hot when his son interrupts them, helping Carey complete her plan. Tara starts sucking Vins cock and they all wind up fucking on the couch. To make things even kinkier Careys husband has the girls get in a 69 position and while vin fucks Tara Carey is getting nailed by her hubby. Carey and Tara soon switch positions and not long after Vin explodes on Careys ass her husband blows his load in her sister completing the plan.
7 months later a very pregnant Carey is on the phone talking to her sister. They finalize all the details of getting her into the house and laugh at how her husband thinks both are his when the girls know Vin is actually the father. After they finish the details Carey invites her sister to dinner so they can keep up all the necessary appearances.

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Saturday, September 22, 2012

Sibling Affairs

My Brothers My Lover

Christina and her brother had not seen each other in a few years. After a bad breakup, she decided to take a trip and spend some time with him. The first night she is there they go to a party together and by the time they get home, Christina is a bit tipsy. While having another glass of wine Christina starts reminiscing about some of the experiences they shared, fondly recalling their sexual encounters and the wine gets Christina so worked up she starts rubbing her brother's leg. Next thing you know the insatiable MILF is on her knees and sucking his hard cock. Christina straddles him and starts riding his hard cock to a massive orgasm. She lays on her back begging him to fuck her harder and he pounds her pussy til she cums again. Her brother flips her over and fucks her doggy style til they both explode. The next morning Christina still wants more so she sucks his cock hard and rides him cowgirl style. After a few orgasms Christina's brother takes control and plunges his cock deep in her pussy until he is almost ready to cum. Christina gets on her knees and he fucks her even harder and cums deep in her pussy leaving her a messy cream pie. 9 months later, we find the siblings in the kitchen. Christina's pregnant hormones have her craving cum so she starts stroking his cock. Her experienced hands soon have him blowing a huge load all over his sister's face.


Thursday, September 13, 2012

My Brother's The Father

JC's Dirty Secret

JC and her brother are home alone watching TV and fighting over the remote. Her brother gets the upper hand by tickling JC and next thing you know they are rolling around on the floor. He tickles her into submission then decides to really fuck with her and sticks his cock in her mouth. At first JC is appalled but the taboo desires shes had for years soon take over. JC begins sucking his cock harder and harder then invites him to continue their fun in her bedroom.
He follows her to the room and has her lie on the bed so he can lick and nibble her wet pussy. The siblings are so turned on by now things get really hot as JC begs him to fuck her. Her Bro pounds her pussy missionary position for a bit then rolls her on her side for deeper penetration. JC cums hard a few times then begs him to fuck her harder Doggystyle. After JC has a few more orgasms he flips her on her back and blows a huge load in her pussy. JC freaks out when she realizes he came inside her since shes not on the pill.
Several months later JC is in her room rubbing her swollen belly, shes due in 2 months, and her brother comes in wanting some attention. JC's cravings have gotten a bit intense, especially for salty things, so she licks, sucks and strokes his cock til hes ready to cum. She opens her mouth and takes a huge load from him all over her lips and face.

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Saturday, September 8, 2012

The Freshman Knocked Me Up


Just Like I Wanted

Sexy Professor Sky has been wanting a for quite some time and since she is single this horny MILF only has one option, her students. One of her freshmen, is failing badly so she calls him into her office and tells him his only chance to pass is some private tutoring. She tells him to be at her house the following afternoon for some special lessons.
Leena begins her lesson on basic anatomy hoping to get him aroused as part of her plan. The seductive cougar soon has him willing to do whatever she wants. Once she shows him her huge tits it's all over for him now that hes fallen in her trap. They adjourn to the bedroom where Leena strips off his pants and teasingly devours his cock. The taste of his precum on her tongue excites her so much she climbs on top and begins riding his cock. The insatiable MILF has her student fuck her in several positions so she has multiple orgasms before she demands his seed. Her tight pussy milks every drop of his cum into her womb and doing just what she wanted, getting her pregnant.
A few months later our sexy professor is back in her office rubbing her swollen belly and already making more plans. After she delivers in a few months she'll have a whole new group of Freshman coming. The though of that excites her a lot.

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Friday, September 7, 2012

Cum In Me Daddy

Cherrys Dirty Diary

Cherry moved back home for her second semester in college because she missed being around Daddy so much. Every night she has been having very graphic sexual dreams about him and tonight, she tells her diary, they are going to come true. Daddy is sitting on the couch watching TV when Cherry comes in in her sexiest outfit and convinces him to come tuck her in. When he gets to her bedroom Cherry unbuttons his pants and begins sucking his cock, much to his surprise. Cherry gets so excited as it grows in her hand that she begs to be fucked hard. Daddy mounts her from behind and starts pumping her tight pussy til she cums really hard. Cherry has Daddy lie down and rides him hard and fast for a bit then gets on her back so he can really fuck her hard. Harder and harder Daddy pumps Cherrys pussy til both of them are about to cum and Cherry begs him to cum in her pussy. A few weeks later Cherry is making her next diary entry about an upcoming doctor visit. It seems she missed her period and fears she might be pregnant.

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Friday, August 24, 2012

Uncle Karl Knocked Me Up

41 MINUTES!!!!!

Camerons Dirty Diary

Young college student Cameron was out of town checking out a college and stayed with her Uncle Carl and Aunt Linda. After getting accepted she moved in with them and her story begins. The first night she sits and writes about the move in her diary wondering what kind of fun she'll have. When she moved in Cameron agreed to to abide by the house rules including a curfew. She comes in late one night and Uncle Carl is waiting. He puts her over his knee and spanks her bare bottom and tickles her feet making her promise not to be late again. When she gets to her room she tells her diary a different story. It seems the tickling turned her on and she wants more. The next day she is showering with the door slightly cracked. When she realizes she is being watched she puts on a show and makes herself cum a few times. Her next diary entry warns that it may be a few days to her next entry since her aunt is going out of town and she plans to seduce Uncle Carl.
Cameron sneaks into her Uncles room while he is napping and starts sucking his cock. At first Uncle Carl is shocked but he can't resist his nieces charms as she licks and sucks his hard cock. Cameron gets soo turned on by having her Uncles cock in her mouth she has to feel it in her pussy. She straddles him and rides his cock hard and fast making her build to an intense squirting orgasm. Uncle Carl flips her over and fucks her doggy style burying his cock deep then rolls her on her back. He fucks her to another squirting orgasm before he explodes inside her too.
The next morning Cameron oversleeps and Uncle Carl wakes her by tickling her feet. Her seductive looks convince Uncle Carl to write her an excuse and to show her gratitude she starts sucking his cock. Next thing you know she is riding his cock like theirs no tomorrow making Uncle Carl explode inside her again. Camerons Diary entries resume with some great news in her last trimester. Uncle Carl is getting divorced so they can have their own family.


Lou's Your Daddy

So Now I Will Handle The Family Business, Mom

After a long night at the club, katrina invited Lou back to her place so she could "Firm Up" her position on nightshift. Lou feels like the house is strangely familiar but katrina's soft hands make him forget it quickly. katrina is slowly stroking his cock when her mom comes in and is shocked to find that katrina is jerking off some guy in the living room. Then she gets the shock of her life when she sees who the guy is. Lou is her ex-husband, katrinas father. She storms out of the room in shock when Lou tells her she can handle his business anytime. katrina takes his cock in her hands again and soon has him plastering her with a huge load of cum. She smiles as she tells him how often she wants to handle his business from now on.

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Fuck You Sis

Scream Until You Like It

Carissa and her sister Jenna had a run of bad luck in this economy and both of them wound up living with their parents again. carissa had her boobs done right before her divorce and guys can't resist her huge tits, especially Jennas boyfriend. She caught the 2 of them together and later that week while Casissa was in bed she tied her hands behind her back and rudely tickles her awake. In a twisted turn of events Jenna is going to teach her sister about the pain of being fucked by your own sister. After several minutes of tickling Jenna strips off her sisters panties and drives a huge strap on into her pussy and fucks her hard while tickling her feet, ass and sides. She fucks carissa harder and harder making her scream til she really starts to like it.