Thursday, January 24, 2013

How I Fucked My Brother

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To Get The Family Fortune

Dear Diary

A few years back my gold digging mom married this rich guy and adopted his son. Mom did good at getting some of his money but not the entire fortune and for some reason I was never put in the will. Recently he wound up in the hospital and when his rich prick of a son found out he rubbed his fortune in my face. It upset me so bad I devised a plan to get the entire fortune for myself and it worked out great.

That night my step-brother did a bit too much celebrating so I snuck in his room and tied him to the bed. When he realized what was going on he tried to protest so I gagged him with a pair of my pantyhose and told him what was coming. I pulled down his pants and sucked his cock for a bit then climbed on top and started riding it. The taboo of screwing my step-brother turned me on immensely and made me cum several times. My step-brother tried to resist giving me what I wanted, his hot load in my pussy, but the loser couldn't hold out long enough.After he shot his load in me I blackmailed him into silence with threats of calling the cops, stupid bastard believed me too.

Dear Diary

The next night I crept into my brothers room and tied him down again. I taunted him for being such a loser and teased him with my big tits. This time when I pulled down his shorts he was already kind of hard so the taboo must have turned him on too. I sucked his cock til it was rock hard then slid it in my dripping wet pussy. I rode his cock slowly and teased him even more so he would give me another massive load. I turned around and rode his cock hard so he could watch my hot ass bouncing and soon he blew another load in my pussy.

Dear Diary

Today was my most fertile day so I have a really good feeling about my plan. This time after I tied my brother down he seemed to be really enjoying the thought of his sister because he was rock hard. I couldn't help myself and had to suck his cock which really got me going. Within minutes I had to get his cock in my wet pussy. His cock felt much harder than it ever had before and soon he was blowing another huge load in my pussy. He came soo much it even leaked back out a bit. I'm sure tonight did the trick.

Dear Diary

My plan worked perfectly it seems since I'm 7 months pregnant and with a DNA test I was able to take my brother for every penny his dad left him. Who's laughing now loser?


Friday, January 18, 2013

Mom's Ass is Mine

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To Do With As I Please

Maxine married a rich guy a few years back and his son wasn't very happy with the arrangement since it cut down on his inheritance. Unfortunately for Maxine he was very vindictive and looked for ways to pay her back. Maxine has a very high sex drive and one man is never enough to satisfy her, even though she was very discreet her step-son finally caught her. Rather than expose her he wanted something entirely different, Maxines banging body.

One day before she leaves for one of her encounters he confronts her in the dining room with a huge file. When Maxine sees the evidence he has she has no choice but to comply with his demands. He orders her to her knees and she begrudgingly obeys. He makes her pull out his cock and suck it for a long time before making her unbutton her shirt and expose her huge tits. Trying to appease him she rubs her tits on his cock while sucking it but he wants even more. He makes Maxine strip naked and fuck him on a chair til he cums inside her. Even though Maxine is upset over the blackmail a part of her enjoyed it.

The next time her husband is gone Tom decides to have even more fun with her. He confesses to having a fetish for fucking tied up women and demands that she let him do the same to her. He ties her hands behind her and makes her suck his cock before he bends her over the couch and fucks her hard. Maxine actually gets off on him fucking her bound and he makes her get on top for a bit. She cums hard a few times before he bends her back over the couch with something even more devious in mind. He lubes Maxines tight asshole and fucks her brutally til the both cum.

Something about this affair really gets to Maxine and the next time she is pleasuring herself she gets a craving for her step-sons cock. She calls him into her room and starts sucking him then lays him on the bed and rides him hard. Even though she had a few orgasms she still wants more so she puts his big cock in her ass and rides it a bit. Once she gets loosened up she grabs her vibrator and with both holes penetrates she soon squirts everywhere. After she does her step-son bends her over doggy style and at her urging soon blows a huge load deep in her womb. A few weeks go by and Maxine discovers she is pregnant which gives her the leverage she needs to get her Step-son back under control.

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Friday, January 11, 2013


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And He Came In Me Too

Right after I turned 18 Mom passed on I went to live with my Aunt Nina for a few months and with all the trouble I got into she couldn't handle me. She sent me back to live with my step-dad, who still had custody of me, and my Uncle Tom was staying with him. The first morning I was there I thought I felt someone watching me in the shower so I masturbated and gave them a show. A bit later when Daddy was leaving for work he read me the riot act and left Uncle Tom in charge.

I could see by the way he was staring at my sexy legs and nubile body he wouldn't be able to resist my charms. Once I discovered it was him that peeped on me in the shower I had him pegged. I teased him with my perky tits and that was all it took. Next thing I know Uncle Tom was between my legs eating my tight pussy til I came more times then I've ever cum in my life. I went to return the favor and discovered Uncle Tom has a really nice cock.

I sucked and licked his cock and balls getting him wet with my tongue then climbed on top of him. I impaled myself on his cock and started moving my hips like my belly dancing instructor taught me. The gyrations got Uncle tom really excited and he pumped my tight pussy hard. I turned around so he could see my tight ass for a bit then he took control. He fucked me hard on the couch and made me orgasm hard then all of a sudden he exploded inside me and I freaked cause I'm not on the pill. Hope I don't get pregnant.

The next day after Daddy went to work I was in the kitchen trying to make breakfast and Uncle Tom Walked in. He threw me up on the counter and ate My pussy til I came really hard. I got on my knees and sucked his cock for a bit til I had to feel it inside me. Uncle Tom bent me over the sink and fucked me soo hard while pulling my hair, it was intense. After he made me cum he got so turned on he came inside me again. Talk about tempting fate.

Friday afternoon Uncle Tom came home from an interview and looked like he needed some cheering up. I knew Daddy liked to go to the bar with his buddies so I decided to make Uncle Tom feel better. I started sucking his cock and soon we were in a crazy 69 position on the couch. Uncle Tom really cheered up quick and began fucking me in soo many different positions I lost count.
I don't know how many times I came but it was alot. He finally bent me over the couch and entered me from behind so I knew he wouldn't last long. When I felt he was ready to cum I begged him to cum on my ass and he did. While Uncle Tom was cumming I heard a door open and next thing I knew Daddy was dragging me out of the room. He ordered Uncle Tom to leave and turned his attention to me. I think I'm in for a lot of trouble, Daddy was furious.

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