Monday, September 9, 2013

Daddy Deflowered Me

You're The Only One I Trust

Dearest Sindy,
You know that since Momma passed when I was young so Daddy raised me ever since. Over the past few years as my body has been developing I've been really comfortable talking to him about things like the birds and bees.... That was a bit awkward to say the least. Anyway I knew I could trust him for advice when I wanted to get serious with my boyfriend and give him a handjob. Daddy actually let me practice on him but thats another story.
One afternoon when Daddy was working I found one of his sex toys he uses to make his dates moan alot and had to try it. Since I was still a virgin I was shocked by how fast the vibration made me feel tingly and wet so I'm guessing that was an orgasm. I lost myself with this wonderful toy so I didn't hear daddy come in. He was pretty flustered to be sure but nothing like what he was going to be soon.
Daddy sat on the bed with me and after a bit of talking I asked him to be the one to take my virginity. Daddy was a bit taken back by it at first but soon he was stroking and caressing my body to relax me. He teased me really good and after I had an orgasm he asked me to suck his penis. Apparently I did pretty good for my first time cause he got hard quick.
Once his penis was nice and wet he spooned me and slowly worked his penis in while keeping me horny and semi relaxed. When he finally broke my hymen I could feel the pop in my head and seconds later I soaked the bed with a massive orgasm. Daddy gently fucked me until I was used to his strokes then he increased the pace until we both exploded. Unfortunately Daddy forgot I'm not on the pill and came inside me. You can't get pregnant the first time right?
Hugs And Kisses

Daisy was truly a virgin with her hymen intact and this scene was specially created around that. If you want an awesome taboo story thats as close to real as it gets this is it. If you want barndoor banging porn this isn't for you.

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