Friday, August 24, 2012

Uncle Karl Knocked Me Up

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Camerons Dirty Diary

Young college student Cameron was out of town checking out a college and stayed with her Uncle Carl and Aunt Linda. After getting accepted she moved in with them and her story begins. The first night she sits and writes about the move in her diary wondering what kind of fun she'll have. When she moved in Cameron agreed to to abide by the house rules including a curfew. She comes in late one night and Uncle Carl is waiting. He puts her over his knee and spanks her bare bottom and tickles her feet making her promise not to be late again. When she gets to her room she tells her diary a different story. It seems the tickling turned her on and she wants more. The next day she is showering with the door slightly cracked. When she realizes she is being watched she puts on a show and makes herself cum a few times. Her next diary entry warns that it may be a few days to her next entry since her aunt is going out of town and she plans to seduce Uncle Carl.
Cameron sneaks into her Uncles room while he is napping and starts sucking his cock. At first Uncle Carl is shocked but he can't resist his nieces charms as she licks and sucks his hard cock. Cameron gets soo turned on by having her Uncles cock in her mouth she has to feel it in her pussy. She straddles him and rides his cock hard and fast making her build to an intense squirting orgasm. Uncle Carl flips her over and fucks her doggy style burying his cock deep then rolls her on her back. He fucks her to another squirting orgasm before he explodes inside her too.
The next morning Cameron oversleeps and Uncle Carl wakes her by tickling her feet. Her seductive looks convince Uncle Carl to write her an excuse and to show her gratitude she starts sucking his cock. Next thing you know she is riding his cock like theirs no tomorrow making Uncle Carl explode inside her again. Camerons Diary entries resume with some great news in her last trimester. Uncle Carl is getting divorced so they can have their own family.


Lou's Your Daddy

So Now I Will Handle The Family Business, Mom

After a long night at the club, katrina invited Lou back to her place so she could "Firm Up" her position on nightshift. Lou feels like the house is strangely familiar but katrina's soft hands make him forget it quickly. katrina is slowly stroking his cock when her mom comes in and is shocked to find that katrina is jerking off some guy in the living room. Then she gets the shock of her life when she sees who the guy is. Lou is her ex-husband, katrinas father. She storms out of the room in shock when Lou tells her she can handle his business anytime. katrina takes his cock in her hands again and soon has him plastering her with a huge load of cum. She smiles as she tells him how often she wants to handle his business from now on.

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Fuck You Sis

Scream Until You Like It

Carissa and her sister Jenna had a run of bad luck in this economy and both of them wound up living with their parents again. carissa had her boobs done right before her divorce and guys can't resist her huge tits, especially Jennas boyfriend. She caught the 2 of them together and later that week while Casissa was in bed she tied her hands behind her back and rudely tickles her awake. In a twisted turn of events Jenna is going to teach her sister about the pain of being fucked by your own sister. After several minutes of tickling Jenna strips off her sisters panties and drives a huge strap on into her pussy and fucks her hard while tickling her feet, ass and sides. She fucks carissa harder and harder making her scream til she really starts to like it.