Saturday, November 24, 2012

Mom Saw Me Fucking Daddy

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So I Forced Her To Watch

Ever since your step-daughter JC Simpson moved back home due to the job market, things have gotten out of hand. Every time mom is gone she finds different places to have sex with you. One afternoon she corners you in the spare room right before your wife is supposed to be home. You try to protest but its hard to resist JC when she starts sucking your cock.
She starts riding your cock hard and moaning your name. Even though it's hard to resist her tight pussy you try to stop her by reminding her about mom again. No sooner are the words out of your mouth and she walks in. JC jumps off you and grabs mom in a coke hold then drags her to a chair. Almost like she had this planned, JC grabs duct tape and tapes her to the chair.
She climbs back on your cock and rides it hard while taunting and almost cuckolding her mom. Faster and faster JC rides your cock until you spew your seed deep in her womb. Mom protests and appears very disgusted but JC isn't done with either of you yet. She grabs your still hard cock and strokes it. She taunts mom that shes going to milk you dry and leave nothing for her. JC sucks and strokes your cock til you blow your second load for her. After she licks every drop off her fingers and your cock she taunts mom a bit more before the 2 of you leave her there for the night.

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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

My Daddy Secrets

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Pocahontas Dirty Diary

Dear Diary: I've been having some pretty wild fantasies about Daddy lately and I really want to act on them. I'm starting to think my Daddy is spying on me so it might be really easy. The other day I was in the shower and swore I was being watched so I put on a bit of a show with my glass dildo. The thought of Daddy watching me made me cum sooo hard. I'm going to make my move on him tonight since moms working late.
When Daddy came home I was sitting on the couch in my sexiest skirt and blouse with no undies on. He sat down and tried to get the remote from me but I made him try to get it. He grabbed my foot and tickled me like he used to and we wound up in a tickle fight. Somehow my big tits popped out and I stuck them in his face. Next thing I knew my fantasy was coming true as Daddy fucked me on the couch. We both were soo turned on I came several times then Daddy accidentally came in me. I hope I'm not pregnant.
Dear Diary: Its been a few days since I've written but moving into my apartment took a few days. After I got all settled in Daddy surprised me with a visit while I was washing dishes. I missed him so much I begged for his cock right away. After he let me suck it for a bit he hiked up my dress and fucked me right on the counter. His hard cock pounding me while I tweaked my own nipples made me cum quickly. After a few orgasms Daddy left me a special present deep in my womb too. I'm gonna end up pregnant for sure.
Dear Diary, I got great news, Daddy is coming for the whole weekend while mommie is out of town. I'm going to buy a special outfit for him, I hope he likes it.
Dear Diary, Daddy cam in while I was getting ready and I told him to get comfortable. When I cam out wearing the sheer nightie I bought Daddy was speechless. He loved it so much his cock got hard quickly. After I sucked it a bit I straddled Daddy and started riding him hard. Daddy reached out and spanked my ass and I was in heaven. I begged him to spank me more and we fucked each other until we fell asleep. The next morning I woke up craving Daddys cock so I sucked and jerked it til he came all over my tits.
Dear Diary: I've been in school 5 months now and even though I'm pregnant Daddy still comes to visit regularly. I think he likes my pregnant pussy more than moms cause he's talking about divorcing her. I hope he does and then all my fantasies will come true.