Friday, February 22, 2013

Disturbing Disclosures

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The Knocked Up Nanny

Christy Mack has been looking for some stable work while trying to finish school and hooked up with an agency. They sent her to a client who needed a young "open minded" live in housekeeper. When Christy walked in the client explained to her that before she can see the house she has to sign a NDA. Immediately Christy gets a vision of being tied up naked and fucked while the client tickles her for what seems like hours. She dismisses her subconscious warning though and begins reading the agreement.

The client cant seem to take his eyes off this busty young tattooed beauty and finds himself imagining things too. He fantasizes that young Christy drops to her knees and begins sucking his cock. He moves her to the breakfast bar and pounds her pussy hard before taking her to the kitchen for a massive creampie.

When Christy finishes her paperwork he leads her upstairs and she sees that he is as kinky as she thought. Her mind takes off to a strange place where she is stuck in a straight jacket. Horrified she finds the mans cock in her mouth and he mouth fucks her til she drools all over the place. He lays her on her back and begins to pound her pussy mercilessly making her moan and squirm. She imagines him flipping her over and fucking her from behind and something inside her begins to enjoy it.

Having this nubile hottie in his playroom gets the client thinking too. He sees her laying him down and sucking his cock. He imagines her getting soo turned on she straddles his cock and rides it hard. Over and over she bounces on his cock while he plays with her huge breasts then she spins around and really rides him hard.Her ass bouncing on his cock soon makes him cum deep in her pussy filling her with his seed.

When they both come to their senses Christy signs the contract and moves into the house. 7 months later we find Christy in the kitchen looking very pregnant. The client comes in and starts fucking her bent over the stove til she cums. Christy drops to her knees and sucks his cock while begging him to cum on her tits. Who's fantasy really came true? Watch and find out.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Daddy's Cumming

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Again and Again

Alyssa's Diary 

Dear Diary

Lately I've been having really strange thoughts about my daddy and today I accidentally caught a glimpse of him in the shower. After everyone had gone to bed my thoughts became a fantasy and I started playing with myself. As my fingers explored my body I imagined my daddys cock in my mouth and my pussy, I've never came so hard in all my life. Is there something wrong with me?

Dear Diary

The following Friday mom was visiting her sister in California and when I saw daddy coming home I knew he was tipsy. I waited for him to nod off in his bed then decided to make my fantasy come true. I snuck into his room and eased my way onto his bed. Daddy was so out of it he barely moved. I gingerly touched his cock through his pants and it sprang to life invitingly.
I couldn't help myself and soon savored every inch of him with my tiny mouth. Daddys cock tasted soooo good. Seeing that daddy still didn't move gave me confidence so I stripped naked and climbed on top of him. His cock filled my tight hairy pussy and felt so hard. I started riding him and was lost in bliss until daddy woke up. He tried to protest but he couldn't resist my tight little body riding his cock. Daddy made me promise to keep it a secret and we fucked til both of us came.... Daddy filled my pussy with his seed before asking if I was on the pill too.

A few days later daddy came home from work and caught me masturbating. I told him I was studying anatomy and asked for his help. He started touching my pussy and his cock got soo hard I had to suck it. Next thing you know daddy is fucking me hard from behind. I made him lie down and started riding his cock then grabbed my vibrator. The vibrations combined with daddys hard cock made me cum several times. Daddy got so turned on he bent me ovr and pounded my tight pussy til he exploded deep in my womb. He cam soo much a little bit even leaked out. I wonder if I'll get pregnant?


Daddy and I kept our little secret until one day I missed my period and found out I was pregnant. Mom left daddy when she found out but since I was an adult I chose to stay with him and have the baby. Daddy and I will be sooo happy together.

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