Saturday, June 21, 2014

Such A Good Son

Dear Anna,
Things have been pretty normal around here until lately. As you know I had been married for about a year when I walked in on my husband screwing my daughter. I was so shocked and upset it's no surprise I did what I did. The next day I was home alone with my son and something about his tight young body made me crave revenge sex. I sat next to him on the couch and quickly made my move.
Lance was so shocked he didn't resist when my hands found his cock. Before long I had his gorgeous penis in my mouth and sucked it hard. Lance grabbed me by the hips and laid me on the couch to bury his head between my legs making me cum almost immediately. I had to feel his cock inside me so I guided him to my sopping wet pussy and he slid inside stretching filling me up. We fucked hard like most young boys enjoy but Lance got carried away and came inside me. I scolded him a bit but secretly hoped he knocked me up. Only time will tell.

After that first time I was crazy for Lances young cock. He came into the office complaining about no clean clothes and I just had to have him inside me again. Lance pleased me on the desk and I returned the favor by greedily sucking his cock. He moved me onto my back and filled my pussy with his throbbing cock once more. He fucked me on the desk til I was satisfied then he came all over my pussy, pulling out like a good son should.

The other nightI couldn't sleep and even though his sister was in the next room I had to have his cock. I crawled into bed and began playing with Lances cock then threw caution to the wind and 69'd him. His young cock was ready for my pussy immediately and soon I impaled myself on his young cock. I rode my stepson for what seemed like hours then felt him tense as he exploded inside me again. I'll end up pregnant for sure now sis.
Love Always,

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