Saturday, June 21, 2014

Janitor Takes Advantage Of Innocent Schoolgirl

And He Did It Really Well

It is late and nobody is around. Chi Chi finishes up and closes her locker when all of a sudden she is grabbed from behind and a hand clamps a white cloth over her mouth. “Mphmf”, Chi Chi screams into the cloth as a sweet smell invades her nostrils. Chi Chi feels herself getting dizzy. Chi Chi is screaming into the cloth and struggling hard to get away. Both of her hands are gripping her attackers arm trying to pull it away from her mouth. Chi Chi finds herself getting weaker and weaker. She realizes that she is about to lose control and there is nothing she can do about it. Chi Chi is struggling less and her eyes are fluttering as she tries to fight off losing control to no avail. Chi Chi’s eyes roll up into her head. Chi Chi gives a little “sigh” into the cloth and then goes limp. Chi Chi goes limp into her attackers arms and her head falls limp to her chest. Her arms fall away from the attackers arms and limp to her side. Chi Chi is lowered gently to the ground by the custodian who has just surprised Chi Chi. He has seen her flaunt herself around school and he decided he wanted her. The custodian lifts the limp Chi Chi into his arms. Chi Chi’s head falls back, with her mouth wide open. Chi Chi’s arms and legs are dangling limps toward the ground. The custodian carries Chi Chi safely to his office because noone else is around. He lays her down gently on his desk. Chi Chi’s head is tilted slightly to one side with her lips slightly parted now. Her arms are flailed out and are extended over the side of the desk. Chi Chi’s feet are dangling over the front of the desk. Then he sits Chi Chi up so he can take off her shirt. Chi Chi’s head is rolling limp as he does this. He takes off her shirt to reveal a cute pink bra. He lets her go and Chi Chi flops back down to the desk. Then he pulls her pink panties down her legs. The custodian spreads Chi Chi’s legs wide. He then kneels down and proceeds to eat Chi Chi out. Throughout the process, Chi Chi does not move or stir. Now the custodian stands in front of Chi Chi , grabs her legs and jams his dick up her miniskirt and into Chi Chi’s pussy. The Chi Chi does not react at all. He pumps slowly at first and then speeds up. Eventually, light moans are coming from the limp Chi Chi. Chi Chi’s eyes are fluttering as she is coming to. Chi Chi wakes up to find the custodian fucking her brains out. “You!”, she yells. The custodian is shocked to see that Chi Chi recognizes her. “You know,” Chi Chi says in between moans, “You didn’t have to surprise me like that to fuck me. You could have just asked.” The custodian is shocked and he stops his pumping but remains inside of her. “What do you mean?”, he says. “I’ve noticed you”, she says, “I think you’re cute. I’ve always wondered what it would feel like to have you fucking me. It feels fucking awesome!” The custodian smiles as he feels Chi Chi wiggle underneath him trying to get his dick further inside of her. “I love getting fucked”, Chi Chi says, “I love how I feel when I cum. I love how it feels when a guys shoots his sperm into me. I’ve already fucked the whole football team.” The custodian is getting more horny. “I didn’t realize you were such a slut”, says the custodian. “Oh yeah”, says Chi Chi, “I’m a huge slut. Now let’s go! Fuck my pussy hard.” Then with that, the custodian resumes his fast and hard pumping.. “Ughhn”, Chi Chi moans, “Oh God, Oh, Fuck Yeah, Fuck me, Ugh, Fuck me hard stud, Oh, Oh, Oh, Make me cum, oh yeah, I wanna cum, Ugh, Make me cum baby, Oh Fuck, Make me scream, Ugh!” This makes the custodian thrust as fast and hard as he can. Chi Chi’s moans have turned to screams. Her hips are bucking up off the desk to meet his hard thrusts. One of Chi Chi’s shoes falls off. Chi Chi feels herself quickly approaching her orgasm. “OH GOD”, Chi Chi screams, “I’M GONNA CUM, OH FUCK, I’M GONNA CUM ALL OVER YOUR DICK, UGH, UGH, UGH, OH, OH, I FEEL IT, UGHNNN…….I’M CUMMING, I’M CUMMING!”Chi Chi cums and screams. Chi Chi’s eyes roll up and then she . The custodian continues thrusting into her limp body. After a few minutes, she opens her eyes and smiles at the custodian. “Wow”, she says dreamily, “That was some fuck. You made me cum so hard.” Chi Chi groans in pleasure. “Ok”, says Chi Chi, “Now I want to ride your big dick to my next orgasm.” The custodian lays down on the desk and Chi Chi lowers herself onto him. Chi Chi’s feet are planted on the desk and she is using her knees to bounce up and down on his dick. She starts off slowly and soon is going wild. “OH FUCK”, Chi Chi screams, “FUCK ME HARD, OH FUCK, MAKE ME CUM AND PASS OUT!” Soon she is close to her orgasm. “OH GOD” she screams, “I’M GONNA CUM, I’M GONNA CUM, OH FUCK, I’M CUMMING, I’M CUMMING!”Chi Chi is bucking wildly. Then her eyes roll up and she on top of the custodian. He continues thrusting up into the Chi Chi. She wakes up soon and then they switch back to the first position with Chi Chi laying on the desk. “OH GOD”, Chi Chi screams, “I WANT YOU TO MAKE ME CUM AND PASS OUT ONE LAST TIME!” The custodian is fucking Chi Chi nice and hard. Her feet are shaking wildly in the air. Her remaining shoe is dangling and then falls off. She keeps yelling at him to fuck her harder. Once again, Chi Chi is close to another orgasm. Chi Chi is flexing and scrunching her toes inside of her socks. “OH GOD”, Chi Chi screams, “I’M GONNA CUM SO HARD AND PASS OUT, OH FUCK, OH GOD, I’M GONNA CUM, I’M GONNA CUM, OH FUCK, CUM WITH ME, OH, I WANT TO FEEL YOUR SPUNK SHOOT INTO MY PUSSY, OH FUCK, I’M CUMMING, I’M CUMMING, I’M CUUUMMMING!” Chi Chi is going wild as she cums. The custodian sees Chi Chi cum and can’t hold back any longer. He cums into Chi Chi’s pussy. “OH YEAH”, Chi Chi screams, “I FEEL YOUR CUM INSIDE OF ME, OH, FILL ME UP, OH, OH, I WANT EVERY LAST OUNCE OF YOUR SPUNK, OH FUCK, SQUIRT BABY SQUIRT!” Chi Chi is in so much pleasure as she feels the cum squirting into her and she is totally overwhelmed. Chi Chi’s eyes roll up and she goes limp. The custodian squirts the remaining cum into her body and then he withdraws. Chi Chi’s legs are dangling limp over the front of the desk. The custodian’s cum is dripping out of Chi Chi’s pussy and onto the desk. The custodian tells the limp Chi Chi that he definitely will be fucking her again and then he leaves her laying on the desk.

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