Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Grandpa's Loaded

And I Want In The Will

Dear Diary,
After all the trouble I got in in Chicago, I went to stay with Grandpa. He lives in a really nice house and says he has lots of $$$. The first morning I was there I decided to take advantage of that. I went into the living room wearing my shortest skirt and sexiest top. I could tell it was getting to Gramps from the bulge in his pats so I made my move. I boldly grabbed his cock and within minutes he was lie putty in my hands. By the time his cock was in my mouth Grandpa wasn't even protestin. I sat on his lap and rode his hard cock like I was possessed. With my thight pussy gripping his shaft Gramps didn't last long and busted deep in me. A perfect end to phase 1 of my plan.

Dear Diary,
The next evening I moved to phase 2 of my plan. I got in bed with Grandpa and fucked him for awhile before he played right into my hands and asked to fuck my ass. It didn't take him long to add me to his will with that on the table. I'll let you know how that went later.

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Sunday, September 7, 2014

Alyssa Loves Her Grandpa

In Many Different Ways

Dear Journal,
So we went on a family vacation with Grandpa last week and I had an AAAmazing time. It all started when I was hanging in Grandpas room trying to avoid my cousins. While gramps was in the shower I came across the hotel porn channel and figured I'd sneak in a quick orgasm. One led to 2 and before I knew it Grandpa walked in on me. I was a bit embarrassed already then gramps threatened to tell dad and something in me snapped.
I grabbed Grandpas cock through his towel and before he could protest I started sucking it. Once Grandpas big cock was in my tiny mouth he was putty in my hands. I rode him on the couch to get off but I needed more so we moved to the bedroom.
Grandpa really knows what hes doing in bed and has tons of stamina for being 74. I don't know how many positions we fucked in but I came in every one. Grandpa bent me over on the bed at he end and sure enough he came deep in me. I didn't have the heart to tell him I wasn't on the pill. Besides how fertile can his old sperm be? On the plus side I'm Grandpas favorite now and he's loaded.

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