Friday, August 24, 2012

Fuck You Sis

Scream Until You Like It

Carissa and her sister Jenna had a run of bad luck in this economy and both of them wound up living with their parents again. carissa had her boobs done right before her divorce and guys can't resist her huge tits, especially Jennas boyfriend. She caught the 2 of them together and later that week while Casissa was in bed she tied her hands behind her back and rudely tickles her awake. In a twisted turn of events Jenna is going to teach her sister about the pain of being fucked by your own sister. After several minutes of tickling Jenna strips off her sisters panties and drives a huge strap on into her pussy and fucks her hard while tickling her feet, ass and sides. She fucks carissa harder and harder making her scream til she really starts to like it.


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