Friday, January 18, 2013

Mom's Ass is Mine

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To Do With As I Please

Maxine married a rich guy a few years back and his son wasn't very happy with the arrangement since it cut down on his inheritance. Unfortunately for Maxine he was very vindictive and looked for ways to pay her back. Maxine has a very high sex drive and one man is never enough to satisfy her, even though she was very discreet her step-son finally caught her. Rather than expose her he wanted something entirely different, Maxines banging body.

One day before she leaves for one of her encounters he confronts her in the dining room with a huge file. When Maxine sees the evidence he has she has no choice but to comply with his demands. He orders her to her knees and she begrudgingly obeys. He makes her pull out his cock and suck it for a long time before making her unbutton her shirt and expose her huge tits. Trying to appease him she rubs her tits on his cock while sucking it but he wants even more. He makes Maxine strip naked and fuck him on a chair til he cums inside her. Even though Maxine is upset over the blackmail a part of her enjoyed it.

The next time her husband is gone Tom decides to have even more fun with her. He confesses to having a fetish for fucking tied up women and demands that she let him do the same to her. He ties her hands behind her and makes her suck his cock before he bends her over the couch and fucks her hard. Maxine actually gets off on him fucking her bound and he makes her get on top for a bit. She cums hard a few times before he bends her back over the couch with something even more devious in mind. He lubes Maxines tight asshole and fucks her brutally til the both cum.

Something about this affair really gets to Maxine and the next time she is pleasuring herself she gets a craving for her step-sons cock. She calls him into her room and starts sucking him then lays him on the bed and rides him hard. Even though she had a few orgasms she still wants more so she puts his big cock in her ass and rides it a bit. Once she gets loosened up she grabs her vibrator and with both holes penetrates she soon squirts everywhere. After she does her step-son bends her over doggy style and at her urging soon blows a huge load deep in her womb. A few weeks go by and Maxine discovers she is pregnant which gives her the leverage she needs to get her Step-son back under control.

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