Friday, January 11, 2013


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And He Came In Me Too

Right after I turned 18 Mom passed on I went to live with my Aunt Nina for a few months and with all the trouble I got into she couldn't handle me. She sent me back to live with my step-dad, who still had custody of me, and my Uncle Tom was staying with him. The first morning I was there I thought I felt someone watching me in the shower so I masturbated and gave them a show. A bit later when Daddy was leaving for work he read me the riot act and left Uncle Tom in charge.

I could see by the way he was staring at my sexy legs and nubile body he wouldn't be able to resist my charms. Once I discovered it was him that peeped on me in the shower I had him pegged. I teased him with my perky tits and that was all it took. Next thing I know Uncle Tom was between my legs eating my tight pussy til I came more times then I've ever cum in my life. I went to return the favor and discovered Uncle Tom has a really nice cock.

I sucked and licked his cock and balls getting him wet with my tongue then climbed on top of him. I impaled myself on his cock and started moving my hips like my belly dancing instructor taught me. The gyrations got Uncle tom really excited and he pumped my tight pussy hard. I turned around so he could see my tight ass for a bit then he took control. He fucked me hard on the couch and made me orgasm hard then all of a sudden he exploded inside me and I freaked cause I'm not on the pill. Hope I don't get pregnant.

The next day after Daddy went to work I was in the kitchen trying to make breakfast and Uncle Tom Walked in. He threw me up on the counter and ate My pussy til I came really hard. I got on my knees and sucked his cock for a bit til I had to feel it inside me. Uncle Tom bent me over the sink and fucked me soo hard while pulling my hair, it was intense. After he made me cum he got so turned on he came inside me again. Talk about tempting fate.

Friday afternoon Uncle Tom came home from an interview and looked like he needed some cheering up. I knew Daddy liked to go to the bar with his buddies so I decided to make Uncle Tom feel better. I started sucking his cock and soon we were in a crazy 69 position on the couch. Uncle Tom really cheered up quick and began fucking me in soo many different positions I lost count.
I don't know how many times I came but it was alot. He finally bent me over the couch and entered me from behind so I knew he wouldn't last long. When I felt he was ready to cum I begged him to cum on my ass and he did. While Uncle Tom was cumming I heard a door open and next thing I knew Daddy was dragging me out of the room. He ordered Uncle Tom to leave and turned his attention to me. I think I'm in for a lot of trouble, Daddy was furious.

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