Saturday, December 29, 2012

Shelly's Christmas Revenge

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An Unexpected Gift

Shelly and Gina were best friends back in school but things got out of hand and they went their separate ways with Shelly vowing to get even. 10 years later the group somehow reunites and Shelly gets the opportunity of a lifetime during a druunken Christmas party excursion.

Shelly and Gina were almost inseparable throughout high school and junior college sharing almost every secret. One day Gina (the Prude) admitted to Shelly that she had a thing for her own brother Jeff. As fate would have it Jeff was attracted to Shelly who was alot more provocative and fun. When Gina found out what Shelly was doing she started telling everyone Shellys dirty secrets.

Gina called one of her gossipy girlfriends and told her all about how Shelly let her faculty adviser fuck her in the ass in order to pass her classes. She told her only details Shelly would know, right down to the adviser leaving a creampie in her virgin asshole. She also told her friend about Shelly fucking a stranger at a sex club and some guy on a dance floor. When Jeff heard the rumors he confronted Shelly and broke up with her. Shelly stormed out swearing to get even with Gina someday.

All the partying tonight helped Shelly play them right into her hands as they get groggy from the hot cocoa she begins to put her plan into action. First she moves Jeff (who shes back to dating) into her bedroom and gives him special instructions to remove his condom and cum inside her during tonights lovemaking. Shelly dims the lights then goes in and gets Gina who is soo druunk she can't tell the difference between her date (Tom) and her own brother.

Shelly works her magic and gets Gina in bed with her own brother and watches her plan unfold. Gina and Jeff start going at it hot and heavy while she watches through the door. Soon Shelly needs a bit of cock and goes to suck on Ginas boyfriend Toms for a minute and returns in time to see Jeff start fucking his own sister. Shelly watches as the siblings fuck hard unaware that they are breaking a major taboo. When Jeff flips Gina over and pulls off the condom Shelly gets really hot.

Jeff pounds his sister from behind until he cums deep in her womb and they both collapse in a druunken heap. Shelly is so satisfied with her plan she returns to the living room and starts riding Toms cock. She imagines what Gina was feeling as she rides him hard. As Shelly nears orgasm she fantasizes about a hot fuck she once had in a bathroom but her orgasm is cut short when Tom goes limp. She jumps off to suck him hard again only to discover he blew his load inside her prematurely which pisses her off but doesn't ruin the revenge.

A few months later Ginas DNA test shows Tom isn't the father and he dumps her.Shelly wonders how long it will be before she discovers Jeff is actually the father and what really happened that night

This is the winning video from December story contest.


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