Friday, September 7, 2012

Cum In Me Daddy

Cherrys Dirty Diary

Cherry moved back home for her second semester in college because she missed being around Daddy so much. Every night she has been having very graphic sexual dreams about him and tonight, she tells her diary, they are going to come true. Daddy is sitting on the couch watching TV when Cherry comes in in her sexiest outfit and convinces him to come tuck her in. When he gets to her bedroom Cherry unbuttons his pants and begins sucking his cock, much to his surprise. Cherry gets so excited as it grows in her hand that she begs to be fucked hard. Daddy mounts her from behind and starts pumping her tight pussy til she cums really hard. Cherry has Daddy lie down and rides him hard and fast for a bit then gets on her back so he can really fuck her hard. Harder and harder Daddy pumps Cherrys pussy til both of them are about to cum and Cherry begs him to cum in her pussy. A few weeks later Cherry is making her next diary entry about an upcoming doctor visit. It seems she missed her period and fears she might be pregnant.

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