Saturday, September 8, 2012

The Freshman Knocked Me Up


Just Like I Wanted

Sexy Professor Sky has been wanting a for quite some time and since she is single this horny MILF only has one option, her students. One of her freshmen, is failing badly so she calls him into her office and tells him his only chance to pass is some private tutoring. She tells him to be at her house the following afternoon for some special lessons.
Leena begins her lesson on basic anatomy hoping to get him aroused as part of her plan. The seductive cougar soon has him willing to do whatever she wants. Once she shows him her huge tits it's all over for him now that hes fallen in her trap. They adjourn to the bedroom where Leena strips off his pants and teasingly devours his cock. The taste of his precum on her tongue excites her so much she climbs on top and begins riding his cock. The insatiable MILF has her student fuck her in several positions so she has multiple orgasms before she demands his seed. Her tight pussy milks every drop of his cum into her womb and doing just what she wanted, getting her pregnant.
A few months later our sexy professor is back in her office rubbing her swollen belly and already making more plans. After she delivers in a few months she'll have a whole new group of Freshman coming. The though of that excites her a lot.

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