Sunday, September 30, 2012

Ballin The Family

1 hour and 20 minutes of TABOO FUCKING



A Twisted Taboo Tale

Carey Riley and her sister Tara have been extremely close over the years. After Carey and Tara both went through bad divorces Carey swore she would take care of her and her sister for life. Carey seduced an adult video producer and convinced him to marry her but the whole time her eye was on her step son. A few months after the wedding Carey has her sister over for a bit and they start talking about the plan and reminiscing about past sexual experiences they shared.
The conversation gets both girls hot and Carey challenges Tara to a game of pool, winner take all. Carey wins by default so has her sister strip and lay on the table. Carey licks and fingers Taras pussy until she cums loudly then has her return the favor. Several orgasms later they wind up in a hot 69 pleasing each other.
Later that day Careys husband returns home for lunch and as part of her plan she leaves to get her nails done. Tara immediately begins to seduce her husband on the couch. After a really hot blowjob he suggests they take it to the bedroom. Tara plays with him on the bed then begs for his cock. Laying her on her side he fucks her pussy hard awhile then gets her on her knees to pound her doggy style. He lays on his back for a bit letting Tara ride him til she cums again then flips her on her side before cumming deep inside her.
Meanwhile, in the pool house, Carey pays her stepson Vin a visit. The crafty cougar easily seduces her stepson and soon has his hard cock in her mouth. Once he is on the edge she straddles his face and makes him eat her pussy. Carey gets him so worked up he gets behind her and fucks her doggy style really hard. After a few orgasms Carey lays on her side so he can really give her every inch until she cums again. To complete her plan she straddles her Stepson and rides him til he cums deep in her womb. She yells at him that shes not on the pill and makes him believe it was a bad thing.
That night when her husband returns from work Carey and Tara are waiting for him. The conversation turns toward sex and next thing you know both hot milfs are sucking his cock. Things start to get hot when his son interrupts them, helping Carey complete her plan. Tara starts sucking Vins cock and they all wind up fucking on the couch. To make things even kinkier Careys husband has the girls get in a 69 position and while vin fucks Tara Carey is getting nailed by her hubby. Carey and Tara soon switch positions and not long after Vin explodes on Careys ass her husband blows his load in her sister completing the plan.
7 months later a very pregnant Carey is on the phone talking to her sister. They finalize all the details of getting her into the house and laugh at how her husband thinks both are his when the girls know Vin is actually the father. After they finish the details Carey invites her sister to dinner so they can keep up all the necessary appearances.

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