Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Daddy's Special Gift

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My Tight Virgin Asshole

Dear Kendra,
Things have been getting pretty exciting around here as you know. When Mom and Carl took me to Daddys i got really bold. I had my stepdad come back and sit with me where mom couldn't see. I told her I forgot my pillow and she believed it. Anyway I sucked my stepdaddys cock in the back of the van til he blew a big load in my mouth. Wow that was exciting.

Dear Kendra
Over the course of the weekend it was hard for me an daddy to find time alone til mom went off with her sister on Sunday. Saturday night I planned a surprise for him and the next morning I seduced him in front of the fireplace. It felt almost romantic. Knowing we didn't have lots of time I sucked Daddys cock and undressed to show him his surprise. His eyes went wide when he realized I slept all night with a butt plug in.
The look on Daddys face when I told him he was getting to fuck my virgin asshole was priceless. I made him lay down and his hard cock throbbed as I slid it in my ass. It hurt a bit a first but soon it felt sooo good I was riding it hard. Daddys cock filled my ass for what seemed like hours before he took over and pounded me good. He bent me over doggystyle and fucked my tight ass til he filled me with a huge creampie. Wait til you hear what happens next.

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