Saturday, March 2, 2013

FREEZE Young Man

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Cougars In Control Experiment 1

Freeze Ray Field Test 1- The Cable Guy

Hello my name is Doctor Nora Noir and I work in the research and development department for CIC (Cougars In Control). Today I'm going to share with Cougars everywhere our awesome new development the FREEZE Ray. The concept is simple, you find a boy you want to toy with, invite him over, freeze him and have your way with their tight young bodies. As long as you redress them when you are done the boys are none the wiser when you unfreeze them. I recently recorded a clinical trial for you with a hot young cable guy and heres what happened.

Test One Frozen On The Couch

For my first test I called the local cable company and had them send over the cute installer I've seen working in the neighborhood. When he arrived we sat on the couch and discussed what I wanted him to do.... With The Cable... When he got up to look at the house I froze him in his tracks. He was totally under control as I stripped him naked and caressed his muscular body. Once I saw his hard cock I knew this trial was going to be fun.
I laid him down on the couch and sucked his cock a minute before I climbed on top of him. His hard cock slid easily into my wet pussy and I began to ride him. His cock was so hard I came almost immediately but I still wanted more so I fucked him for quite awhile until my hungry pussy was satisfied. I then moved him back into position and redressed him. When I unfroze him he seemed none the wiser and walked to the bedroom.

After showing him what I wanted done I still wanted more of his beautiful cock so I froze him again. I stripped him naked and threw him on the bed then tore off my clothes and climbed in with him. Apparently he came in me during the first test because it took a minute of sucking him to get him hard again. Once he was hard I straddled him and impaled myself on his cock.
I started riding his cock slowly at first but the Cougar in me soon took control and I fucked him like a wild woman. Over and over I made myself cum by riding his cock, playing with my pussy and squeezing my nipples. I fucked him so hard I even squirted a bit. With my pussy finally satisfied I cleaned the guy up redressed him and put him back in his spot before unfreezing him. Apparently theres one small side effect with Freeze fucking, the guy felt so tired he decided he would have to come back tomorrow for the installation. I guess I'll get to try another new concept with him then.

FREEZE YOUNG MAN will be available from CIC headquarters later this month so submit your orders now ladies and get all the young men cumming to your house.

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