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JW Ties is my stage name for all sorts of bondage and fetish productions inclding handcuff, tape and rope bondage. I do alot of work with models like Amber Lynn Bach, Candle Boxxx and teens like Ashley Grace. We do our best to make every scene as close to real as possible and the girls really do fight back. Check me out some time.

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Kate's Daddy Desires

Make Her Do Naughty Things

Dear Diary
Everything was going great at school up until a few months ago. I started having really vivid dreams that were pretty disturbing at first. They were very intense and sexual dreams involving my Daddy. Before I knew it these dreams became part of a sexual fantasy when I would masturbate and soon I began wanting to make them come to life. Is there something wrong with me?
Love Kate

Dear Diary
My fantasies became overpowering so I let my grades slip to give Daddy a reason to punish me. Just like in my dream Daddy spanked me and I took the plunge, grabbing his cock through his jeans. Before he could protest I had his throbbing cock in my mouth.
Daddy tried to stop me but what man can control himself with an 18 year olds mouth on their cock? I got him to relax and soon he was doing things to me I never imagined. Daddy let me ride him on the couch then he took me from behind. Everything was exactly like I imagined until Daddy came inside me and we weren't using protection. I better not get pregnant.
Love Kate
This clip contains a sneak peek of Kate Englands first Anal scene as well.

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