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JW Ties is my stage name for all sorts of bondage and fetish productions inclding handcuff, tape and rope bondage. I do alot of work with models like Amber Lynn Bach, Candle Boxxx and teens like Ashley Grace. We do our best to make every scene as close to real as possible and the girls really do fight back. Check me out some time.

Deflowering Daisy Summers

Monday, March 3, 2014

Teach Me Daddy

I Really Like Learning This Way

Young Chi Chi has been home schooled for several years and has no idea her lessons are sometimes not for school. She is so naive that when her Daddy suggests a hands on lesson in anatomy she thinks nothing of it. Dad convinces her to touch and tease his cock then he gets her to suck it. Chi Chi does just like shes told and makes her step dad cum in her mouth then eagerly awaits her next lesson.

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Monday, February 17, 2014

Daddy I Need It Bad

Dear Diary
I was getting ready to go away to school and I knew my budget was going to be tight. I decided the best thing to do would be to seduce my Daddy and make him pay for all my needs. I devised the perfect plan and hid a camera in the living room one night I knew we'd be alone. Seducing my stepdad is a little weird but desperate times and all that.
Anyway when I asked him for more money he flatly refused so I made my move and grabbed his cock. He was much easier to seduce than I thought and soon we were fucking on the couch. Oddly enough it was enjoyable to the point where I came pretty hard and he even came inside me. Thats when I pointed out the camera and revealed my plan. I went to bed satisfied that I'd be well taken care of, boy was I wrong.

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Saturday, December 28, 2013

My Uncles Cumming

Home For The Holiday

Dear Diary,
A few weeks before Christmas I went to my aunts to help decorate for the holiday. My Aunt wen't to town and a freak snowstorm hit leaving me and Uncle Keith snowed in. We would have been fine but something shorted out the furnace so we had no heat. Uncle Keith made us a few warming drinks and we huddled on the couch under a few blankets.
Uncle Keith was out like a light when this strange desire came over me. Maybe it was the drinks but before I knew it I pulled back the covers and gingerly touched my uncles cock. It twitched a bit and I just had to have it in my mouth. I started sucking his cock and it was rock hard quickly. My Uncle realized what I was doing and even though he was a bit shocked we were both too horny to quit.
I climbed on top and started riding his cock while he played with my tits through my shirt. His cock was soo hard it made me cum pretty quick. After my first orgasm Uncle Keith and I warmed up in several positions before he exploded all over my ass. We spent the rest of the night keeping each other warm. Is that weird?
Xo Zoey

Dear Diary,
So for Christmas we were all going to Uncle Keiths and on the way there I passed my parents on the freeway. I rushed as fast as I could and even asked them to stop and get me a few things in town. As soon as I arrived at Uncle Keiths I dropped to my knees, sucked his cock and got him ready quick. I jumped up and wrapped my legs around him and rode him right there by the door. We moved to the couch and fucked likeanimals until Uncle Keith accidently came inside me. I freaked out and rand to clean up hoping I don't get pregnant. Wish me luck.
Xo Zoey

Dear Diary,
Wen everyone headed to bed Christmas Eve I whispered to my Uncle to come to my room later. While I was waiting I slipped into a special "Gift Wrap" outfit and was ready when he arrived. He unwrapped my hands first and I started sucking his cock. As soon as he was hard he unwrapped my tits and squeezed my nipples.
When he undid my bottom bow I got on top and started riding him. As I got close to orgasm Uncle Keith put his hand over my mouth reminding me to be quiet. We spooned on the bed for a bit and he gripped my throat while he fucked me. He made me cum soo hard it was wracking my body with orgasms. Seeing what that did to me Uncle Keith got on top and pounded my pussy while he grabbed my throat til we both came together. I can't believe I'm fucking my uncle. I really hope he didn't get me pregnant, that would be awkward.
Xo Zoey

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Monday, September 9, 2013

Daddy Deflowered Me

You're The Only One I Trust

Dearest Sindy,
You know that since Momma passed when I was young so Daddy raised me ever since. Over the past few years as my body has been developing I've been really comfortable talking to him about things like the birds and bees.... That was a bit awkward to say the least. Anyway I knew I could trust him for advice when I wanted to get serious with my boyfriend and give him a handjob. Daddy actually let me practice on him but thats another story.
One afternoon when Daddy was working I found one of his sex toys he uses to make his dates moan alot and had to try it. Since I was still a virgin I was shocked by how fast the vibration made me feel tingly and wet so I'm guessing that was an orgasm. I lost myself with this wonderful toy so I didn't hear daddy come in. He was pretty flustered to be sure but nothing like what he was going to be soon.
Daddy sat on the bed with me and after a bit of talking I asked him to be the one to take my virginity. Daddy was a bit taken back by it at first but soon he was stroking and caressing my body to relax me. He teased me really good and after I had an orgasm he asked me to suck his penis. Apparently I did pretty good for my first time cause he got hard quick.
Once his penis was nice and wet he spooned me and slowly worked his penis in while keeping me horny and semi relaxed. When he finally broke my hymen I could feel the pop in my head and seconds later I soaked the bed with a massive orgasm. Daddy gently fucked me until I was used to his strokes then he increased the pace until we both exploded. Unfortunately Daddy forgot I'm not on the pill and came inside me. You can't get pregnant the first time right?
Hugs And Kisses

Daisy was truly a virgin with her hymen intact and this scene was specially created around that. If you want an awesome taboo story thats as close to real as it gets this is it. If you want barndoor banging porn this isn't for you.

Friday, July 26, 2013

Ooooh Uncle Dick

Uncle Dick Knocked Me Up

Dear Diary
After I got busted at the clinic for blowing one of my patients I kinda got lucky, my Aunt needed a nurse for awhile. Uncle Dick had come down with an ailment that caused a temporary paralysis and my Aunt had a business trip to take. After a few days of being alone in a small town, my desires got the best of me and you'll never believe what I did.
One afternoon I was sooo horny I sat on the couch and started to masturbate. I'm kind of ashamed to say it but my thoughts turned to my uncles cock getting hard during his sponge bath. I couldn't control myself with a cock that close so I went into his room. I slowly slid up his gown and started teasing his cock. From the smile that formed on my Uncle Dicks face I knew I had his approval so I took his cock in my mouth and sucked it hard.
I had to feel his cock in my wet pussy so I climbed on top of him and rode it hard for quite awhile. My pussy throbbed and twitched as orgasm after orgasm wracked my body. Apparently temporary Paralysis doesn't prevent ejaculation because my Uncle exploded deep in my pussy. I wonder what would happen if he got me pregnant? It's not like we share DNA.

Dear Daiay
A few hours after my Uncle satisfied me I got really horny again and started masturbating. I even fucked my asshole with a toy. I got soo hot I figured I'd make use of my Uncles cock again. I licked and sucked him hard then started riding it. I fingered my tight asshole while fucking him until it wasn't enough. I slid his cock in my asshole and rode it til I came hard several times. I love Uncle Dick even more now.

Dear Diary,
You're never going to believe this. I was in the kitchen doing dishes when I got the shock of my life, Uncle Dick walked up behind me. Apparently my anal addiction cured his affliction. I was soo happy to have him back I dropped to my knees and sucked his cock. Uncle Dick put me on the kitchen counter and fucked me hard for what seemed like ours. After I came several times I felt uncle Bobs cock throb and explode deep in my womb. He filled me up with soo much cum a bit dripped out. I'm sooo glad he's cured.

Dear Diary

A lot has happened since I last wrote. My Aunt ran off with a guy she met at a convention before we told her Uncle Dick recovered. Uncle Dick filed for divorce and a few weeks later we discovered I was pregnant. I'm in my last trimester now and since we're not related genetically Uncle Dick and I will be getting married. We'll be one big happy family.

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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Daddy's Special Gift

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My Tight Virgin Asshole

Dear Kendra,
Things have been getting pretty exciting around here as you know. When Mom and Carl took me to Daddys i got really bold. I had my stepdad come back and sit with me where mom couldn't see. I told her I forgot my pillow and she believed it. Anyway I sucked my stepdaddys cock in the back of the van til he blew a big load in my mouth. Wow that was exciting.

Dear Kendra
Over the course of the weekend it was hard for me an daddy to find time alone til mom went off with her sister on Sunday. Saturday night I planned a surprise for him and the next morning I seduced him in front of the fireplace. It felt almost romantic. Knowing we didn't have lots of time I sucked Daddys cock and undressed to show him his surprise. His eyes went wide when he realized I slept all night with a butt plug in.
The look on Daddys face when I told him he was getting to fuck my virgin asshole was priceless. I made him lay down and his hard cock throbbed as I slid it in my ass. It hurt a bit a first but soon it felt sooo good I was riding it hard. Daddys cock filled my ass for what seemed like hours before he took over and pounded me good. He bent me over doggystyle and fucked my tight ass til he filled me with a huge creampie. Wait til you hear what happens next.

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Friday, May 31, 2013

The Perfect Daddy

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Is All I Need

Ms Ryan has been working at the academy for a few years and her biological clock recently started going nuts. Her high standards make it pretty hard to find the perfect single male so she sets her sites on her brightest students daddy. She calls him into her office under the guise of concern for his son. Mr Stevens is baffled since his son is a model student but Ms Ryans intent soon becomes clear.
She starts by discussing his sons academic skills but soon seduces him with her charms. Before long she is on her knees sucking his cock then begging to be filled by it. He bends her over the desk and fucks her hard from behind before moving to her office couch. Mr Stevens plows her tight pussy hard for a few more minutes before he succumbs to her orgasmic request to fill her womb with his seed. I think she wound up with more than she bargained for since 4 months later the Dr discovered she was having triplets.

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