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Sunday, November 2, 2014

Daddy It's Time

To Satisfy My Cravings

Dear Diary,
I know it has been awhile since I've written but things have been so crazy since that night with Daddy and my brother. I'm still not sure who got me pregnant but I'm pretty sure it was Daddy. Anyway, ever since I found out I've been super horny.
Almost every day when Daddy comes home I need his cock. It really seems to tire him out fucking this much but he never fails to take care of me. He makes me cum pretty much every time I need him too and I love what it does to my skin when he cums on my belly too. I may just have to keep getting pregnant.
Xo Logan

Friday, October 10, 2014

It's Ok Daddy

I'm 18 And Horny For YOU

Dear Diary
Ever since my 18th birthday I've been having some pretty strange fantasies especially when I masturbate. Most of the time I do it sitting at Daddys desk so maybe it's only natural that it's him I imagine. As my fingers caress my alabaster skin visions of his hard cock fill my head.
I imagine taking him deep in my mouth and my pussy quivers under my touch. My fantasies get even darker as I get closer to climax. I picture myself riding his cock until waves of pleasure wrack my body. Surely theres nothing wrong with me? I'm sure lots of girls have Daddy fantasies.
XoXo Alex

Dear Diary,
My fantasies are taking control of me and tonight I decided to make it happen. I found daddy watching tv and began to tell him about my feelings while teasing him in a very inappropriate way. Daddy was shocked and he tried to redirect my desires but it was too late. I went after his cock like a woman possessed and wasn't taking no for an answer.
Once his cock was in my mouth Daddy was totally under my control. I begged him to fuck me from behind and he took me right there on the couch. Daddys cock stretched my tight pussy and made me soo wet. He fucked me from behind then laid me on my side to really make me cum. Unfortunately when I did Daddy lost control and came inside me and I'm not on the pill. This could be very bad.
XoXo Alex

Dear Diary
Daddy and I have been together almost nightly since I seduced him. For special nights I even figured out how to double moms meds so I get him for the whole night. The time we spend together is amazing and Daddy still loses control occasionally but it doesn't matter anymore. I still act nervous when he does, I don't know how to tell him I'm pregnant.
XoXo Alex


Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Grandpa's Loaded

And I Want In The Will

Dear Diary,
After all the trouble I got in in Chicago, I went to stay with Grandpa. He lives in a really nice house and says he has lots of $$$. The first morning I was there I decided to take advantage of that. I went into the living room wearing my shortest skirt and sexiest top. I could tell it was getting to Gramps from the bulge in his pats so I made my move. I boldly grabbed his cock and within minutes he was lie putty in my hands. By the time his cock was in my mouth Grandpa wasn't even protestin. I sat on his lap and rode his hard cock like I was possessed. With my thight pussy gripping his shaft Gramps didn't last long and busted deep in me. A perfect end to phase 1 of my plan.

Dear Diary,
The next evening I moved to phase 2 of my plan. I got in bed with Grandpa and fucked him for awhile before he played right into my hands and asked to fuck my ass. It didn't take him long to add me to his will with that on the table. I'll let you know how that went later.

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Sunday, September 7, 2014

Alyssa Loves Her Grandpa

In Many Different Ways

Dear Journal,
So we went on a family vacation with Grandpa last week and I had an AAAmazing time. It all started when I was hanging in Grandpas room trying to avoid my cousins. While gramps was in the shower I came across the hotel porn channel and figured I'd sneak in a quick orgasm. One led to 2 and before I knew it Grandpa walked in on me. I was a bit embarrassed already then gramps threatened to tell dad and something in me snapped.
I grabbed Grandpas cock through his towel and before he could protest I started sucking it. Once Grandpas big cock was in my tiny mouth he was putty in my hands. I rode him on the couch to get off but I needed more so we moved to the bedroom.
Grandpa really knows what hes doing in bed and has tons of stamina for being 74. I don't know how many positions we fucked in but I came in every one. Grandpa bent me over on the bed at he end and sure enough he came deep in me. I didn't have the heart to tell him I wasn't on the pill. Besides how fertile can his old sperm be? On the plus side I'm Grandpas favorite now and he's loaded.

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Sunday, July 27, 2014

Daughters Do It In The Bible

And I'm Still Daddys Little Princess

Dear Diary,
Graduation finally came and Daddy actually made it. As soon as I had the chance I pulled him into a classroom for a minute. He told me he was sorry for not visiting and that we'd talk when I got home. When I tried to kiss him he pulled away which really has me nervous. I hope he's not seeing another woman!! We'll find out in a few days.
Xo Shelby Xo

Dear Diary
My flight was delayed and the rental place was full of idiots so I got home very late. Not wanting to wake Daddy I decided to pleasure myself and as luck would have it my toys were still in my room. I masturbated quite awhile thinking of daddy in the next room and even made myself squirt. I can't wait til morning.
Xo shelby Xo

Dear Diary
It wasn't another woman luckily, Daddy just found God..... well sort of. He made the arguement that it was against gods will and I quickly overcame that by reminding him Daughters did it with their ACTUAL Dads in the Bible all the time.
Needless to say once i won that arguement Daddy dove into my pussy like a starving man. He made me cum so hard I thought he might drown. I turned around and sucked his cock like I used to and he got sooo hard. We licked and sucked each other until I had to feel him inside me.
Daddy bent me over and eased into me from behind and started pumping. Our bodies remembered their closeness in the past and soon Daddy pulled my hair bringing me to yet another orgasm. To keep Daddy from cumming too quick I sat him down and rode his cock slowly for a bit.
Daddy started picking up the pace in a few minutes and soon we were both cumming hard. I'm soo glad I'm back with Daddy and it's a good thing I took that Bible course for the easy credits.
Xo Shelby Xo

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Drunk Enough For Daddy

Dear Diary
The other night I went to a party since mom was out of town. I guess I drank quite a bit because by the time I got home I was feeling no pain, literally. I stumbled into the living room and splashed onto the couch. My Dady was so mad he made me get over his knee and he started spanking me. I was so toasty I laughed every time his big hand smacked my pantyhose covered bottom.... I think I was actually enjoying it.
By that point Daddy was so mad he sat me up on the couch to yell at me some more and I fell on the couch limp. I recall feeling pretty horny and I might have started playing with myself on the couch.In my altered state of mind I started having flashes thet may have been a dream but Daddy began groping my limp body.
Daddy rubbed my pussy through my pantyhose making me moan. Next thing I knew his cock was in my mouth and he was finger fucking me. I think he even pulled my pantyhose down and fucked me pretty hard. I'm sure I came a few times during my stupor and if the stickiness in my panties and my red ass are any indication somebody came in me last night. Was it Daddy that molested me? I really hope so.
Xo Vionah

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Sunday, June 29, 2014

Redhead Teen Cums Of Age

18 and Out Of Control

Dear Diary
Today is my 18th birthday and I'm so excited. To start my day off I went into my bubbas room so he could massage my stiff muscles from working the farm. His rough hands felt so good something inside me got all fluttery and before I could stop myselfI grabbed my brothers cock.
He was startled but the thought of his sister touching his cock must have excited him too. I pushed him back on the bed and took is penis in my mouth. He grew so hard I was amazed. My pussy was so wet I couldn't hold back and started riding him lie a bucking bronco. I came pretty hard and so did bubba right in my fertile pussy. This could be very awkward for us if I get pregnant. Zoe

Dear Diary
Something totally had my hormones in overdrive because after my brother creamed my pussy I went to talk to Daddy about my party. While we were talking I noticed him checking out my ass and I was instantly aroused. Somehow I convinced Daddy to have sex with me right there in his office. It was great, much better than bubba and he came inside me too. That would be weird if I ended up 18 and pregnant.. Zoe

Dear Diary,
The party was so much fun. Mommie had to leave for work so one of my girlfriends smuggled in some vodka. I was feeling no pain by the time the party ended. Bubba was out for the night so when Daddy came in I knew we were alone.
Right there on the couch Daddy stripped me and I sucked his cock. Daddy ate my pussy while I sucked his cock some more but soon I needed him inside me. Daddy bounced me on his lap like when I was younger but this time I had his cock in me so it was much better. I don't know how long we fucked each other but at one point I remember asking him to spank me. I still have the red handprints too. Zoe