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JW Ties is my stage name for all sorts of bondage and fetish productions inclding handcuff, tape and rope bondage. I do alot of work with models like Amber Lynn Bach, Candle Boxxx and teens like Ashley Grace. We do our best to make every scene as close to real as possible and the girls really do fight back. Check me out some time.

Monday, February 17, 2014

Daddy I Need It Bad

Dear Diary
I was getting ready to go away to school and I knew my budget was going to be tight. I decided the best thing to do would be to seduce my Daddy and make him pay for all my needs. I devised the perfect plan and hid a camera in the living room one night I knew we'd be alone. Seducing my stepdad is a little weird but desperate times and all that.
Anyway when I asked him for more money he flatly refused so I made my move and grabbed his cock. He was much easier to seduce than I thought and soon we were fucking on the couch. Oddly enough it was enjoyable to the point where I came pretty hard and he even came inside me. Thats when I pointed out the camera and revealed my plan. I went to bed satisfied that I'd be well taken care of, boy was I wrong.

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