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JW Ties is my stage name for all sorts of bondage and fetish productions inclding handcuff, tape and rope bondage. I do alot of work with models like Amber Lynn Bach, Candle Boxxx and teens like Ashley Grace. We do our best to make every scene as close to real as possible and the girls really do fight back. Check me out some time.

Monday, March 3, 2014

Teach Me Daddy

I Really Like Learning This Way

Young Chi Chi has been home schooled for several years and has no idea her lessons are sometimes not for school. She is so naive that when her Daddy suggests a hands on lesson in anatomy she thinks nothing of it. Dad convinces her to touch and tease his cock then he gets her to suck it. Chi Chi does just like shes told and makes her step dad cum in her mouth then eagerly awaits her next lesson.

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