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JW Ties is my stage name for all sorts of bondage and fetish productions inclding handcuff, tape and rope bondage. I do alot of work with models like Amber Lynn Bach, Candle Boxxx and teens like Ashley Grace. We do our best to make every scene as close to real as possible and the girls really do fight back. Check me out some time.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Jessica's Daddy Desires

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Are Out Of Control

Dear Diary

I don't know whats come over me lately but I've been having really strange feelings for my Daddy. I've been acting out to get his attention and last night I finally crossed the line. I stole his truck and got a DUI. He had to bail me out and he was soooo pissed. You'll never believe what happened the next morning.

I was feeling the results of getting Druunk the night before so I stayed on the couch. When my Daddy woke up he really read me the riot act, he even started to spank me so I decided to make my move. I let my big titties loose and all he could do was stare so I knew I had him. I teased him a bit but soon I couldn't help myself and took his cock in my mouth.
It was sooo big and Daddy was already leaking salty precum so I licked and sucked him then sat on his lap. His cock felt better than I imagined and I was soon cumming hard. We fucked for wha seemed like hours and then suddenly Daddy exploded inside me.... Ooopsies I guess he didn't know I'm not on the pill.
Xo Jessica

Dear Diary

Next weekend Mommie left early so I snuck into Daddys room to satisfy my horny pussy. Daddy was happy to see me when he woke up and his cock still had morning wood. I took it in my mouth and sucked it til I drooled uncontrollably getting it nice and wet for my pussy. I climbed on top of Daddys cock and he played with my boobies while I rode him. After a bit Daddy bent me over and fucked me hard til he came all over my ass... I luv morning sex!!!
Xo Jessica

Dear Diary
So I got some strange news today and I was feeling a bit depressed. Luckily nobody was home except Daddy so I called him in my room. I asked him to lay with me and he crawled into bed. One thing led to another and soon we were fucking like crazy. Daddy flipped me around like a rag doll and pounded my pussy hard. Just when I thought he was ready to cum I shared the news telling him "It's Ok Daddy you can cum in me I'm Pregnant". He was so shocked he blew his load deep in me. I'm soooo happy he approves and lucky for us he's my stepdaddy so we can have our own family !!!!!
Xo Jessica

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