Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Drunk Enough For Daddy

Dear Diary
The other night I went to a party since mom was out of town. I guess I drank quite a bit because by the time I got home I was feeling no pain, literally. I stumbled into the living room and splashed onto the couch. My Dady was so mad he made me get over his knee and he started spanking me. I was so toasty I laughed every time his big hand smacked my pantyhose covered bottom.... I think I was actually enjoying it.
By that point Daddy was so mad he sat me up on the couch to yell at me some more and I fell on the couch limp. I recall feeling pretty horny and I might have started playing with myself on the couch.In my altered state of mind I started having flashes thet may have been a dream but Daddy began groping my limp body.
Daddy rubbed my pussy through my pantyhose making me moan. Next thing I knew his cock was in my mouth and he was finger fucking me. I think he even pulled my pantyhose down and fucked me pretty hard. I'm sure I came a few times during my stupor and if the stickiness in my panties and my red ass are any indication somebody came in me last night. Was it Daddy that molested me? I really hope so.
Xo Vionah

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